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Time Theme Activity
8:00   Reception and breakfast
8:30   Transformation of businesses in the 21stCentury
from our host for the day, CBC journalist and columnist Stéphane Garneau
8:35   Welcome from Linkbynet par Julien Trassard, CEO
9:00 SHAKE THE FUTURE Conference |From deep learning to artificial intelligence

In-depth learning developed around 2006 when the renewal of research on neural networks allowed such models to have more layers. This has renewed AI research both in academia and in industry, with billions of dollars invested. Speech recognition, object recognition, games, language models, machine translation and transfer learning are areas that will be profoundly affected by AI. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and a wide range of opportunities open to entrepreneurs. In this spirit, we conclude with a discussion on the positioning of Montreal and the challenges that lie ahead if we wish to maintain scientific and economic leadership in AI.

Yoshua Bengio, Full Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research at Université de Montréal, Scientific Director of IVADO, Head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), and Head of the Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms.
9:45 Transformational Startup Pitch | 7 million of us, let’s get going!

Come and discover the most innovative startups that use technology to get through business transformation challenges. They will be sharing their projects in brief 6 minute presentations created to inspire everyone to use these solutions in cities worldwide.

Ilias Benjelloun, Creative Director, Desjardins Lab
10:10 Networking break
10:30 à 11:15 Sessions parallèles
Conference | Times change, it’s time to change

The media, particularly television, are heavily impacted by technological acceleration and hyperconvergence. What can you learn from an industry that is already experiencing this mutation before everyone else?

Dimitri Gourdin, EVP Stratégie et Communication, VMédia
Conference | Strategics Predictions for 2020


Olivier Erhard, Partenaire exécutif, Gartner
Conférence | The story behind intelligent decisions: An unusual look at Business Intelligence


Katy Yam, Co-Producer of TEDx Montreal & Senior Marketing Manager Product Management & BI, Quebec Casino Society, Tedx Montréal / Loto Québec
Conference | Back to the future: a brief history of virtual currency

Explore and analyze the issues, uses, business models and governance of the new autonomous and decentralized organizational with the use of blockchain technology

Vincent Gauthier, Founder, Trustmaker
11:45   Summary  – Stéphane Garneau and guests
12:00   Lunch – Explosion of culinary delights on the technological, innovative and disruptive theme with chef Jonathan Garnier
Workshop Linkbynet | SelfDeploy


Sébastien Moriceau, DSI – Linkbynet 
13:15 à 14:00 SHAKE AS A SERVICE Sessions parallèles
Plénière | Everything you can think of

In an ideal world, would anyone want to run their own IT? It’s a huge hassle. As soon as you invest in technology, the countdown to obsolescence begins, and challenges like scalability and security turn mild-mannered people into raving lunatics. Sure, you need developers and designers and engineers for your core processes, customer experience, and market differentiation. But the platform? Please, let someone else take care of it.

Jean Lavoie, Specialist SGCD inc.
Martin Girard, Master Principal Sales Consultant, Oracle
Christopher Tomiuk, Account Executive, VMware Canada 
Christopher Kuppek, Account Manager, Nutanix 
Claude Fortin, Software Defined Enterprise Sales Specialist, VMware
Plenary | The work world of tomorrow won’t be like today’s

A change of perspective on the digital/IT skill set that will be required.

Stéphane Garneau, Journalist, moderator and columnist, Radio-Canada
Camille Grange, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technologies, HEC
Claude Cardinal, Associate Director CeFTI, University of Sherbrooke
Mathieu Lachaîne, CEO and Founder, Ubios
Atelier Microsoft | AI : it’s today, not tomorrow !

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we often have the perception that it is abstract, futuristic and complicated. The reality is quite different, Microsoft’s Cortana platform now makes AI accessible to all. In this session you will see several demonstrations showing that AI can use today in a simple way!

Joël Quimper, Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft
Charles Verdon, Solution Specialist, Microsoft
Plenary | SECURITY

The acceleration of IT breaks all the interconnected elements like the talents, and of course the questions of security. Risks are always important in the same way as acceleration. Security helps to protect the elements that have or that creates value (from the business, at home and the human being when the technology mingle with them).

Raffaële AzuelosLinkbynet
Brandon Traffansteadt, National Director of Systems Engineering, CyberArk
Bertrand Millot Senior Manager, Risk, Performance and Technology Advisory Services, Richter
Conference | Data resilience: an art to discover!

The difference between resilience and data residence?
Everything you always wanted to know about the Cloud without daring to ask.

Cédric Combey, VP Sales & Marketing Americas, OVH
14:15   Networking break
14:45 à 15:30 SHAKE AND SHARE Sessions parallèles
Conference | Transforming Your Business for the 21st Century

Given the speed and speed of change, innovative organizations use a different way of making decisions and responding to their clients; This approach is called agile strategy. This plenary will focus on how your organization can employ a new agile model to constantly adapt and win.

Nectarios Economakis, Associé, The PNR
Plenary | Attract innovation to create value

Collaborating to challenge the status quo and adapt to an increasingly digital and agile future. This means thinking more broadly about customer experience as an ecosystem of touch-points to help explore and embed customer centricity. Supporting change by studying the array of impacts a given change brings, and developing an approach to facilitate closing the gap. This means co-creating a roadmap and transition plan to manage expectations and minimize resistance as projects progress and evolve.

Anick Trépanier, Consultante en développement organisationnel & en courage managérialParticipants
Sean Schofield, Senior Advisor, Innovation, Via Rail
Pascal Thomas, Senior Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer, Yellow Pages
Patrick Gagné, Partner and CIO, Taxelco Téo
Vincent Leclerc, CTO, PixMob
Workshop | Business Model Innovation with Microsoft Azure

Wondering how the cloud can empower your business? Be sure not to miss this workshop to discover how Microsoft is helping businesses across the globe to achieve more by using the cloud to reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, and create more personal computing. Focus on cloud computing, and see how it can help you achieve more with your IT and development by using the cloud to your advantage.

Vincent Philippe, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
Plenary |Will tomorrow’s digital solutions be financed with yesterday’s financial solutions ?

All sectors of activity are overwhelmed by new practices or new actors. How is the digital revolution financed? And why companies no longer have their assets to favor speed and agility?

Yannick Le Roux, EVP and Managing Director USA & CANADA, Econocom
Mathieu Brunet, Manager Treasury, CAE
Conference | Revolution is happening: ERP in the Cloud

The choice of an ERP in the Cloud or in SaaS mode remains conditioned by the value provided in the company: productivity, agility to change, development of strategic advantages, etc. Among these values, agility to change is undoubtedly one of the most important selection criteria as the economic context of recent years has reinforced the need for companies not to exploit fixed or heavy IT solutions to evolve but rather to benefit Greater flexibility and ease of use on a daily basis.

Tarek Fattouh,Chief Operations Officer, Projexia
15:45 Conversation for the future | Summary of day from Stéphane Garneau and guests
16:00 Closing Keynote |Take action now

On an optimistic tone Mario Coculuzzi invites us to take action now to navigate the 4th industrial revolution. This revolution multiplies processing power, storage capacity, and offers unprecedented access to knowledge. Emerging technological breakthroughs in areas such as robotics, augmented reality, the Internet of objects, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, and biotechnology will revolutionize our lifestyles and consumption habits.

Mario Coculuzzi, Evangelist, Microsoft
16:30 Closing conference |Innovation is sharing!

On an optimistic tone Mario Coculuzzi invites us to take action now to navigate the 4th industrial revolution. This revolution multiplies processing power, storage capacity, and offers unprecedented access to knowledge. Emerging technological breakthroughs in areas such as robotics, augmented reality, the Internet of objects, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, and biotechnology will revolutionize our lifestyles and consumption habits.

Chadi Habib, Premier vice-président Technologies de l’information,
Mouvement Desjardins
17:15 Transformational Startup Prize Ceremony

by Julien Trassard, CEO, Linkbynet et Ilias Benjelloun, Creative Director, Desjardins Lab

17:30   Cocktail and networking